A creative exploration into systemic problem solving using storytelling, technology, design thinking, and collaboration.

Learn Do Share Labs are a living think-and-do event that uses storytelling, game mechanics and future scenario design to unleash the imagination of many. It is a think tank meets social hackathon that tackles a wicked problem over the course of three days. A local NGO is often selected as a partner and the Learn Do Share Lab works to provide mindshare, people power and open design to help the NGO tackle a wicked problem they are facing.

Learn Do Share Labs run in different cities, each focusing on a category (health, education, economy, government, sustainability, culture, urbanization humanity). The lab is a partnership between FreedomLab Future Studies and Reboot Stories. The results are shared under a Creative Commons license and archived on www.learndoshare.net to be shared, remixed and expanded.

Learn Do Share Labs are designed to tackle a local problem with your help. We invite 40 to 60 participants from mixed sectors, who will prototype a micro agent for change following Buckminster Fuller’s premise: “How can we make the world work for 100% of humanity in the shortest possible time through spontaneous cooperation without ecological damage or disadvantage to anyone?”


FreedomLab, the Buckminster Fuller Institute, Parsons the New School of Design, Columbia University & UCLA

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