Her roadmap is your imagination.

Lyka’s Adventure is an experiential education project that centers on Lyka, a robot scientist from outer space who is trying to help her ailing home planet Amee. Students fuel Lyka’s adventure by exploring sustainability, art and technology. The ecosystem of this storyworld comprises:

• A series of books in partnership with Penguin
• A plush toy
• A mobile app
• An immersive website
• A live tour

Lyka travels the world hosting school workshops in which students become the teachers, designing ways for their fellow students to enrich Laika’s storyworld. In an ongoing R&D partnership with The Village of Arts and Humanities, student creations have included:

• Making Lyka’s alien home planet terrain out of clay
• Fashion designing spacesuits for kids and Lyka
• Writing native welcome songs for Lyka
• Hacking Lyka to make her light up with LED, solar panels and Arduinos
• Making stop action videos about sustainable solutions
• Creating new characters for Lyka’s storyworld

Once Lyka has completed her journey around the world, she’ll take all of the children’s creations into a real NASA rocket and shoot up into space. The hope is that when the children look up into the night sky, they’ll be reminded of how far their imaginations can carry them.

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